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BLAST FROM THE PAST: Illinois Green Party Ballot Drive Surpasses 25,000 Signatures

Posted by Kevin on December 20, 2008

[originally posted 6/17/06]

From the Illinois Green Party. The fact that I wrote most of this has absolutely nothing to do with why I’m posting it, I swear. 😉



Phil Huckelberry, Co-Chair, Illinois Green Party, 309-268-9974,
Jennifer Rose, Whitney for Governor, 618-528-8683,

“Illinois politics-as-usual is about to change,” said Jennifer Rose,
campaign manager for Green gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney, as the Illinois Green Party recently collected its 25,000th signature on the way to getting its slate of candidates to appear on the statewide ballot this fall.

“New” parties are forced by state law to collect 25,000 signatures
between March 28 and June 26 to qualify for the fall ballot. The
Green Party has now surpassed that number, and Greens are continuing to collect signatures through June 26 to buttress against a possible challenge.

The six-person statewide slate includes: Rich Whitney (Carbondale)
for Governor; Julie Samuels (Oak Park) for Lieutenant Governor; David Black (Belvidere) for Attorney General; Karen Young (Chicago) for Secretary of State; Rev. Dan Rodriguez-Schlorff (Chicago) for
Treasurer; and Alicia Snyder (Centralia) for Comptroller.

The Green Party will also field more legislative candidates in
Illinois than ever before. Already ballot qualified are Nathan
Helsabeck for 8th State Rep (Oak Park, western Chicago); Phil
Huckelberry for 88th State Rep (Bloomington-Normal); and Charlie Howe for 115th State Rep (Carbondale area). Other legislative candidates currently petitioning include Dorian Breuer for 1st State Senate (Chicago); Robert Cepeda for 2nd State Rep (Chicago); Kathy Cummings for 4th State Rep (Chicago); Tim Curtin for 78th State Rep (Oak Park); and Tom Abram for 103rd State Rep (Champaign-Urbana).

The success of the petition drive in spite of harsh ballot access laws
could indicate that the Green message resonates well with voters this election cycle, some in the party say. “We have done very well this year because the general public is mad at both the Democrats and the Republicans,” said Huckelberry. “We talk about real issues like alternative energy, and have real solutions to problems like
education funding. This makes us more credible than the entrenched
parties in the eyes of many voters.”

For more information on Green campaigns in Illinois, see also:

Illinois Green Party – http://www.ilgp.org
Rich Whitney for Governor – http://www.whitneyforgov.org
Dan Rodriguez-Schlorff for Treasurer – http://www.schlorff.com

And while I’m talking about the Greens, check out Sheldon Schafer’s op-ed in the Peoria Journal Star on the petition drive.


One Response to “BLAST FROM THE PAST: Illinois Green Party Ballot Drive Surpasses 25,000 Signatures”

  1. Mari Vega said

    Hi Kevin,
    It was a fantastic accomplishment to have so many candidates be on the IL ballot in Nov ’08. Most of my mom’s signatures for her 2006 State Rep campaign were challenged by the IL Democrats, and I don’t know if you know the story, but what happened to my mom was another case of the Dems unfairly challenging signatures to wear down the resources of the Green volunteers, and thereby wipe out their competition [for those critical, election-deciding votes].

    Though I now live out of state, I remember how it was in 2000 when I was one of those volunteers that went to the State of Illinois building and sat at a computer, opposite a paid Dem lawyer, with an election judge in the middle. I had had the stroke of genius to bring the pages from the front of the phone book that list all the streets in Chicago–this was useful because some voters did not clearly write out the entire street name legibly but if I could figure out what it was supposed to be, and the voter’s registration could be searched and found as a match, then the petition signature was validated.

    I got to be so good at validating voters’ petition signatures that I looked over at the Dem and asked, “Why are we here?” and he answered something like, “I dunno.” That to me signaled that there are a few people who need to have a serious talk with the consciences and really ask the hard questions–Is money really more important than my integrity?

    just curious–so why the repost?

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