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BLAST FROM THE PAST: Oh noes, Whitney is teh socialist!

Posted by Kevin on December 20, 2008

[originally published 12/6/06]

This is officially one of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile. For those who don’t know, this is in reference to the “Red Scare” that reared its head in the last days of the Illinois gubernatorial race, as republican candidate Judy Baar Topinka “outed” Green candidate Rich Whitney as an official in the Socialist Labor Party over a decade ago.

See, the usual conventional wisdom about Greens “stealing” votes from Democrats was stood on its head in the last election, as Whitney appears to have drawn votes fairly equally from both Democratic candidate Rod Blagojevich and Topinka, and with Topinka in fact having lost more in the polls from Blagojevich’s corruption scandals than Blagojevich himself. Pollsters speculated that this was due to voters laying the blame on a corrupt system, which both establishment party candidates were a part of, rather than any individual candidate.

So, long story short, a good chunk of the anti-Blagojevich vote was set to go to Whitney, and Topinka latched onto the Socialist thing as something to try to discredit Whitney with. It surely convinced a few morons, but from what I’ve seen the response was largely indifference. (A few of the people I know were actually more likely to vote Whitney after hearing about it!) Mostly, it just showed everyone how desperate Topinka was getting.


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