Bullshit Philosophy

Half-assed political and religious commentary from a cynical left-winger


About the author:

I am an occasional writer, political organizer, and paralegal in rural Vermont. I mainly write about civil liberties, US foreign policy and/or national security policy, Israel/Palestine, nonelectoral politics, religion, and animal rights.

Origin of the blog title:

It comes from a quote from my wife while at Borders one day: “Stuff like Nietzsche shouldn’t be in the same section as stuff like ‘Harry Potter and Philosophy.’ They should have one section for philosophy, and another for bullshit philosophy.” I don’t know why exactly I decide to name my blog after that, but I stand by it. Please note it is in no way clever or original to post comments along the lines of “Hur hur you sure did pick the right name for your blog!” It’s been done, guys, and you WILL be mocked (or, more likely, you’ll make me roll my eyes while I delete your comment).

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on this site are solely those of the author and are expressed independent of any employer or organization the author may be involved with, unless otherwise noted.


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